Problems with moss in your lawn? That irridescent yellowish cast can ruin the looks of an otherwise beautiful lawn. Worse yet—maybe it appears to be taking over. Control it at winter’s end for best results.

An annual occurence

The cool, moist, dark winter months provide an opportunity for moss to take hold and grow prolifically. If you have conditions suitable for moss, it will come back to some degree every winter. Thus in our maintenance programs we spray to kill the moss every year at winter’s end. With more sun and warmer weather your lawn will start growing again and will out compete the moss.

Easy control measures

Fortunately we control moss easily with a liquid fertilizer application that includes iron. This turns the lawn a nice dark green color for maybe a month. Killing the moss is a byproduct.

We know from experience that the liquid application works far better than a granular application. We’ve done both.

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