Most anyone can install a lawn that looks perfect. However, keeping it looking perfect down the road. That is the real challenge.

Several key features must be met in order to have any hope of a picture perfect lawn.

  • Soil that retains water yet lets it pass through.
  • Really good grading of the soil.
  • Turf grass varieties that are appropriate for the climate and the site.
  • Adequate light.

Next the lawn will require regular and systematic maintenance.

  • Mow generally weekly during the growing season and less often in the dormant season.
  • Consistent fertility. This is a big variable.
  • Maintain adequate moisture levels in soil.
  • Keep weeds out—both broadleaf and grassy weeds, as well as moss.

Sounds so easy doesn’t it. Well, truth be known it just isn’t quite that simple. It really isn’t any more complicated than that, but keeping those few things all accomplished consistently—well, there really aren’t that many actually perfect lawns around if you inspect carefully.

This is the first article of a series devoted to making and keeping the “Picture Perfect Lawn”. It can by yours if you so desire!

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