Stone in the Landscape

Nothing compares with the beauty and durability of natural stone or natural rock in your landscape. Add a slate patio or flagstone patio for a touch of elegance. Boulder settings and split stone retaining walls anchor your shrub and perennial gardens in place as nothing else can do.

Boulders set in landscape planting

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The affect of rocks in the landscape

Ever so subtly, even subliminally, bring the rugged beauty of the Cascade Mountains into your personal space. Rocks, boulders, slate, and flagstone are as old as the hills. Their presence in your landscape will be both noticed and felt. Look around at other landscapes and surely you will agree.

flagstone and slate sampleTypes of rock products offered

We offer many different types of rock products coming from many parts of the country, including locally quarried gray basalt from Camas, Washington. They vary incredibly in subtleties of color. With such a natural variation in color palette, you really need to look for yourself.

A one time expense that lasts

Consider what you get from the added expense of stone and rock materials in your landscape project. Weigh the pros and cons. If the landscaper does his job well, and we do, it’s a onetime expense. Annuals, perennials, and even shrubs may come and go, but rock, well it just stays put—and it doesn’t wear out. Fact is time treats rock pretty well. Signs of age simply add to its character.

Added property valueSlate patio

Additionally, the addition of rock, stone, boulders, slate, and flagstone products to your landscape increases the value of your property and will increase the selling price whenever that time may come. Thus, you will get a return on your investment.

The choice of discriminating owners

As may now be apparent, the combination of enhanced appearance, installation longevity, and added value of stone materials in the northwest landscape makes it one of the most desired enhancements to the landscape for discriminating owners of homes and businesses.