Looking to install a new landscape or do a complete makeover?

Gain the benefit of our many years of experience both designing and installing landscapes. All really excellent landscapes begin with a well planned design. We have been landscaping Portland since 1979. Collaborate with one of our experts to begin creating your dream landscape. Begin thinking now what features you want to see in your new landscape. Serving the Portland metro area, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley and more.

Landscape Planning

Do you need a landscape plan—a master plan? Need help finalizing your ideas? Are you thinking of an outdoor living space?

Patios: Slate and Pavers

Now’s the time to think about adding a patio to your home to extend your indoor living space. And when it comes to patio materials, nothing is more natural than slate.

Lawn Installation

Need a new lawn that not only looks good now but also stays that way? Looking for a knowledgeable landscaper in Portland Oregon? Sod or seed. We can help.

Soil & Site Preparation

One of the most important aspects of a successful landscape is the site and soil preparation.

Sprinkler Systems

Proper irrigation is a key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. An automatic sprinkler system will allow you to water your landscape correctly.

Garden Paths and Walkways

Adding a garden path to your landscape can both look good and provide useful functionality.

Retaining Walls

When constructed of stone, retaining walls blend harmoniously into the landscape. Concrete block walls provide a different effect, generally more bold.

Water Features

A water feature in a landscape creates a sense of well-being we just can’t explain in words.

Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage lights can illuminate your landscape at night, providing beauty, safety and security-bringing it to life in a way you may never have imagined.

Boulders & Rock in the Garden

The use of stone in your landscape creates a natural feel or a dramatic interest and can also add a mountain type atmosphere .

Planting Services

Plants offer color, light, shadows, sound, fragrance, and texture in the landscape. With so many different types of plants to use, the possibilities are endless.

Arbors, Fences & Screens

The use of wood in a landscape can give you a sense of elegance as well as security. Modern, asian or traditional, wood structures add warmth and distinction to your yard.