Complete Landscape Installation

Landscape installation

Need help to install a new landscape or complete makeover?

Gain the benefit of our many years of experience both designing and installing landscapes. All really excellent landscapes begin with a well planned design.

We have been landscaping Portland since 1979. Collaborate with one of our experts to begin creating your dream landscape. Begin thinking now what features you want to see in your new landscape. Serving the Portland metro area, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley and more.

Landscape planning

Landscape Planning

Do you need a landscape plan—a master plan?
Need help finalizing your ideas?
Are you thinking of an outdoor living space?

Patios: Slate and pavers

Patios: Slate and Pavers

Natural stone patios: One of our specialties
Slate and flagstone with 3 install options
Paving stone in many shapes, sizes, and colors

Garden Paths and Walkways

Garden Paths and Walkways

Natural stone—slate and flagstone
Paving stone in many shapes, sizes, and colors
Connect landscape areas for foot traffic

Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls: Stone and Block

Natural stone retaining wall fit by our craftsmen
Numerous construction options to suit your needs
Concrete blocks in many sizes, shapes and colors

Boulders on slope with planting

Boulders and Rock in the Garden

Boulders interspersed with shrubs
Solve steep slope problems
Add dramatic feel to your landscape

Planting Services

Planting Services

Plant selection for visual interest
Life span of plant materials
Sustainability issues

Soil and site preparation

Soil and Site Preparation

Additional topsoil
Soil amendments
Cultivation & grading

Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation

Initial lawn planning
Turf grass selection
Installation and maintenance considerations

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Automate the watering needs of lawns and shrubs
Drip irrigation conserves water resources
Pop up spray and rotor sprinklers

Water Features

Water Features

Waterfalls—small and large
Ponds for fish or plants

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Path lighting
Up lighting of trees
Accent lighting of shrub plantings

Arbors, Fences, and Screens

Arbors, Fences and Screens

Arbors for a strong visual focal point
Screens to hide conceal and reveal
Fences for appearance as well as privacy