Succeeding with Your New Lawn

Need a new lawn that not only looks good now but also stays that way? Looking for a knowledgeable landscaper in Portland Oregon? Sod or seed. We can help.

Installing a lawn in your landscape adds beauty and increases the living space in your yard. We will install a durable lawn that will last for many years.

Initial Lawn Planning

To ensure success, a few crucial things must be considered.

  • What do you want from your lawn?
  • Do you have an existing lawn? If so, why do you want to replace it?
  • How do you intend to care for your new lawn?

Selecting the Turfgrass

Today you have numerous viable options for the Pacific NW.

  • Ryegrass (used in sod), fescue and tall fescue
  • Grass type and sustainability
  • Lawn alternatives

The Installation Process

  • Existing conditions
  • Cultivation, soil amendment and grading
  • Installation process

Caring for Your New Lawn

  • Initial sod lawn care
  • Initial seed lawn care
  • The first lawn mowing
  • Ongoing care—The big three

Lawns in the Landscape Portfolio

Since 1979, we’ve been providing landscape services to the Portland, Oregon metro region. We can customize any of our landscape services to meet your needs.


Are you ready for a beautiful landscape that conserves water as well as provides year round beauty?