When you consider retaining walls, think boundless possibilities.

Not only do they offer the obvious solution for slopes and hillsides, but once you move beyond the obvious you will find many more options. When constructed of stone, retaining walls blend harmoniously into the landscape. Concrete block walls provide a different effect, generally more bold. Both are durable and last for a very long time.

Building walls that last

You will want your new wall to last a long time. For this to happen it must be constructed properly. A properly installed wall can create variety and take full advantage of changes in grade. Built correctly, they last for many decades and beyond. As you shop around we invite you to look closely at the details. Don’t presume that all contractors build walls the same. They don’t.

  • The face of basalt retaining walls must be fairly flat which helps it remain stable.
  • Walls over 12″ tall must have a gravel base and gravel backfill so water can drain properly.
  • Evaluate for aesthetics. Does the size and placement of the rocks please the eye?

Options to consider in your wall

  • For a short, small wall consider using smaller stone so that it is to scale.
  • If the contour of your slope varies, select rock over block for your wall. Stone comes in all sizes and shapes which easily lends to a varying topography whereas blocks are always uniform.
  • If you prefer a natural stone wall but need somewhat uniform pieces, rectangular  basalt known as “squares and recs” or “A-split” works well.
  • Free standing walls can be filled with soil mix to make beautiful and natural planters.
  • A free standing wall can also add a measure of privacy and intimacy.
  • Retaining walls and natural stone steps go together perfectly.
  • Concrete blocks are available in various shapes and colors.

In the gallery below you will find a large variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.
As you browse envision 
what each could look like in your landscape, and remember…

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