We offer year round landscaping service

Looking for a landscaper in Portland Oregon? We do year round yard care. We mow lawns, clean up landscapes, fertilize, prune, control weeds, blow off pavements, and more in the Portland metro area.

Excellence in all manner of landscape maintenance services since 1979. See the links below for a better description of our landscape service offerings.

If you are looking for new landscaping or major changes to existing landscaping, please see the Installation section of our site

Weekly Service Visits

If you’d rather enjoy your backyard instead of spending countless hours working on it, you may want us to visit your property on a weekly basis.

Monthly Service Visits

A lot of people who live in the Portland, Oregon metro region hire us to work on their landscapes on a monthly basis. Many of these customers have no lawn, but do need assistance with their landscape maintenance.

Cleanups and Pruning

Do you feel that Mother Nature is winning the war on weeds? Do you wish you could hire someone to transform this mess into a masterpiece? Then look no further. We, at Precision Landscape Services, Inc., can help you take back your yard.

Mowing and Edging

Lawn mowing and edging keep a lawn looking good. You want your lawn to look neatly manicured at all times. Weekly mowing and regular edging combined with lawn fertilizing go a long ways towards achieving your goal.

Sprinkler Service

Broken or plugged sprinkler heads, valves that won’t open or close, broken pipes , and malfunctioning sprinkler clocks. With many years of sprinkler repair experience we have the expertise and are properly equipped to fix what breaks.

Lawn Fertilization Services

We offer numerous lawn fertilization programs. We designed each to satisfy differing turf fertility needs. Our fertilizer programs keep lawns looking lush green.

Lawn Aeration

Also, known as lawn plugging or lawn aerating, holes are punched in the lawn either by machine or hand. The best machines remove a core of soil as well.

Thatching & Overseeding

Lawn thatching removes some of the above ground stems and stolons that naturally develop over time. Dethatching removes excess vegetation to rejuvenate the lawn.

Shrub Bed Services

Need help combating weeds, leaves, and other debris in your flower beds? We designed our shrub bed services to keep your shrub bed areas looking good all year long

Finding a Good Landscaper

You won’t find the same results from every landscaper. Sure, you already know that. But how do you distinguish a good landscape maintenance contractor from an inferior landscaping company? How do you find what you really want?