Do you feel overwhelmed with your yard?

Do you feel that Mother Nature is winning the war on weeds? Do you wish you could hire someone to transform this mess into a masterpiece? Then look no further. We, at Precision Landscape Services, Inc., can help you take back your yard. Here are some of the services we provide:

Landscape or yard cleanup. We have crews largely devoted to just such problems. After meeting with you and evaluating your needs, we custom tailor the job to suit your particular situation.

Mulching services. We’ll add mulch to your landscaped beds, shrubs and trees. Mulch will give your property a complete look of tidiness and it will help control weed growth. Our motto: Don’t overlook mulch. It will be your biggest helper with weed control.

Pruning services. You want your shrubs, small trees, and hedges to have a clean, natural look. But you know that it takes a skilled hand to get them that way. Our landscape employees prune for a “natural look”—we prune what should be pruned and shear what should be sheared. A well-pruned plant looks natural—as if untouched and never pruned.

Landscape rejuvenation. If your landscape needs to be renovated or even reconstructed, we can help you. We’ll evaluate your situation based on your needs and desires for your landscape. Then we’ll provide you with solutions of how we can solve those landscape problems for you. Click on our Services link for more information about landscape renovation and reconstruction.

Maintaining your landscape. We’re experts at caring for landscapes and have been doing so since 1979. We offer a large diversity of service options, and we can satisfy just about any type of need. Please see Year Around Maintenance for more information.

Weed control solutions. We’re experts at solving weed problems and have many tried and true remedies. However, you must decide if you will permit pesticide use on your property. You have two choices when it comes to pesticide use:

  • The avoidance of all pesticides
  • Or pesticides that we use minimally and that won’t hurt your local environment, including your children, pets, and the local ecosystem. And light pesticide use will also save you money in the long run. Please refer to our article Weed Control Solutions to learn more about safe pesticide use.

Does your Portland, Oregon landscape need some help?