Contract Options

Annual contracts

Most of our work is done as part of an annual maintenance contract. Because we contract for work on an annual basis, we are first committed to meet our obligations to our customers who have contracted their landscape needs with us. This generally leaves little time for one time jobs for those who do not have an annual contract with us. Exceptions occur on a case by case basis.

Billing options

We bill you the way YOU prefer. Monthly, by the job, or a combination of both.

Options include:

  1. MONTHLY -Most people prefer a monthly billing for ongoing work. The fee is determined by adding together the cost of all jobs during one yearly cycle, then dividing by twelve. The amount of work varies according to the four seasons, but your monthly cost remains consistent.
  2. By the JOB -Some people prefer to be billed for each job as it is done. We provide this as an option. Jobs can be billed either for a fixed bid amount, or alternatively, on a basis of cost of labor plus materials/debris.

Note: Some kinds of jobs are billable only by the job. This occurs when we only do sporadic jobs for you throughout the year. You will find us to be very flexible in our billing options.

Note: We offer a wide array of landscape maintenance services in our landscape maintenance contracts.