Prepare Your Sprinkler System

Before the watering season begins we will turn on the water, test for problems, and make needed adjustment to the sprinklers. If repairs are needed, we will do them now. By acting preemptively we head off common problems before they materialize.

How we charge

  • We charge on a labor and materials basis for the spring tune up.
  • We charge $65 for the first half hour of service and $65 per hour thereafter.
  • If no actual repairs are needed you can expect to receive a charge of around a $65 for a typical four zone system. Larger systems will cost a little more.
  • If minor repairs are needed the cost will be higher. Note: This will be the most economical time to do the repair since we are already on site.
  • If substantial repairs are needed, we will contact you before proceeding. This work will be considered a separate job from the spring tune up. We commonly schedule larger repairs for a later time after we have completed spring tune ups for our other customers. You will be charged as described on our Sprinkler Repairs page.

This pricing is similar to that described on our Sprinkler Repairs page.

Winterize Sprinklers

Available only as part of a year round maintenance plan.

Winterizing sprinklers protects the sprinkler system from the affects of frost during winter months. Not every landscaper in Portland, Oregon is equipped to properly winterize your sprinklers, also known as sprinkler system blowout. If water in the sprinkler system freezes during cold weather, it can cause cracks in the pipes and break other parts of your irrigation system.

Visit our winterize sprinklers page for more information.