A picture is worth a thousand words. Browse our portfolios to see examples of our work and to get ideas for your own landscape. At times a simple solution is the best solution. Thus, we include simple pictures as well as more elaborate work. We hope this will help you in your endeavors.

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Scenic Landscapes

A sampling of our nicer landscape projects. Here we show a variety of landscape components including shrub and perennial plantings, natural stone patios, water features, and more. Enjoy!

Patios, Slate and Pavers

A variety of patios. Some slate patios have steppables between the stones for a more rustic look, whereas others are sand set for a more finished look. The paver patios provide a uniform patterned look. Reflect on what you may like the best.


A fire pit can extend the enjoyment of your backyard for you and your guests. They provide warmth, light, a cooking source, and ambiance, making them a natural gathering spot for socializing, entertaining, and relaxation.

Paths and Walkways

How can you connect different sections of your landscape? Paths and walkways do just that. Here we highlight possibilities made of slate and natural stone as well as paving stone.

Steps and Stairways

In some settings natural stone just can’t be beat. At other times the uniform look of paving stone works best. And sometimes simple concrete stairs win out.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls we have installed. Our favorites are made natural stone and boulders. And at other times concrete block works the best.

Boulders in the Landscape

When rocks and boulders are set into a landscape they add immeasurably to the overall look and feel of the resulting project. Notice how the size and number of boulders affects the overall effect.

Water features & ponds

Water adds an amazing affect to any landscape. Whether a gentle trickle or the rush of a large waterfall, or the calm stillness of a pond replete with flowers

Shrub and perennial plantings

Sample shrub and perennial plantings. Observe the variety of styles and overall affect.

Lawns in the Landscape

When a landscape is well done, the lawn provides a setting in which other elements of the landscape become show cased. See what you think.

Arbors, Fences, & Screens

The use of wood in a landscape can give you a sense of elegance as well as security. We create our arbors and screens from mahogany. It is more durable, lasts longer, and is more beautiful than other lumber. We build fences from mahogany, cedar or iron.