Well Designed Rock Garden Replaces Muddy Front Yard

We are very pleased with the newly installed rock-garden. The design took into account our in-put and Josh oversaw all aspects of the installation. He was prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and responded promptly to emails and concerns. The job was completed with-in the promised time-frame and was the best value for the money of all the bids we received. This property had a problem with runoff water flooding the sidewalk. The owner suggested installing a retaining wall to fix this problem, but this would not solve the issue of mud being tracked into the house or a bare lawn due to shade from the large elm trees overhanging the property. We suggested a plan that would solve the runoff problem, reduce yard maintenance, and reduce mud tracked indoors for less money than the original design plan. We added drainage and adjusted the land grade to solve the flooding issue. Low-maintenance plants that thrive in semi-shade replaced the lawn. As plants grow and fill in, the overall look will change. The river rock that lines the driveway reduces debris tracked indoors and flows smoothly into the new slate pathway to the front door. Lichen and moss may grow on the boulders to create a more naturalistic affect reminiscent of a long walk through the forest.