Now You Can Have Your Grass and Be Sustainable Too

Old-fashioned lawn care has been getting a bad rap lately because it tends not to be environmentally-friendly. Yet, with Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®) and drip irrigation for your lawn, you can have your grass and be sustainable too.

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®)

By planting RTF® and installing a drip irrigation line into your lawn, you’ll now be able to conserve water as well as maintain a lush, full, green carpet of grass. According to Kuenzi Turf Nursery in Salem, Oregon, “RTF® is a species of turf grass that is extremely durable and dense. It creates rhizomes, which are underground stems that grow laterally throughout the soil to stabilize and spread the turf grass.”

Here are 10 benefits to switching your lawn to RTF®:

  • It uses less water and it’s drought-tolerant
  • It needs less reseeding and other typical turf maintenance
  • It repairs itself
  • It will fill in bare spots because its rhizomes spread new grass plants throughout your yard
  • It rapidly grows into a thick, lush lawn
  • And after it’s planted, it will develop a deep root system. It quickly “greens” up in the spring and maintains its emerald color throughout the summer
  • It can grow in different types of soil
  • It works well on Portland, Oregon properties
  • It uses less fungicides and insecticides because it’s bred to be resistant to these grass killers.

Keeping Your Grass Irrigated with a Dripline

Put away your garden hose and sprinkler system. There’s no need to waste water anymore through evaporation and wet sidewalks because we can install a Netafim Subsurface Drip Irrigation system to your property. We can even install one if you already have an established yard.

Here are 10 benefits to a subsurface drip irrigation system:

  1. It slowly emits water into the ground.
  2. It spreads the water outward to hit all of your grasses’ root systems.
  3. A subsurface drip irrigation system does well in all types of soils and from all water sources, including city-, lake-, and well water. And it’s designed to flush out any impurities that it may pick up from its water source.
  4. The irrigation system targets specific areas to water rather than covering a broad swath of property that may not need total irrigation.
  5. It’s designed with pressure compensating emitters that control where water is dispersed to the parts of your lawn that need it most.
  6. It has a built-in physical root barrier that prevents roots from growing over the irrigation driplines.
  7. It has a “check valve” feature that holds any leftover water from a previous watering session for the next irrigation session. Thus, it eliminates wasted water.
  8. You will save money on your water bills with subsurface drip irrigation. The water that goes through the dripline will move slowly throughout the soil. Thus, there is no air evaporation, no watering areas that don’t need water, or water running off of your property and into storm sewers.
  9. It’s long-lasting. Some of our installations still use the same driplines 30 years or more.
  10. It will keep your lawn evenly green and lush because it delivers the right amount of water below the soil level as it evenly irrigates your lawn.

When you marry RTF® with a subsurface irrigation dripline, you create a happy yard that is evenly green, disease-, insect-, and weed-resistant, as well as water-wise.

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